About Us


MicroVege grow food where people live and grow it very eco-friendly.

MicroVege is an urban farm located in the neighbourhood of Montreal, Quebec. Our unique approach to microgreen production brings tradition and technology together. We craft organic vegetable products to meet the high standard of upscale restaurants and specialty groceries in Montreal.

How MicroVege grow

We use the best available techniques in hydroponics, aquaponics, and soil-based systems. Combining these methods allows us to use water efficiently, while providing optimum nutrients to each plant. 

Our aquaponics system use tilapia wich provides the nutrients to both the hydroponic system and the soil growing techniques. Tilapia reaching maturity are then given to shelter around Montreal.

Our hydroponics system (table) provides a consistent growing environment for generating continuous supply of seeds for our exotic strain of vegetables.

Our soil-based growing containers include standard 10x20 trays for microgreens. We start with a professional grower’s mix for the microgreens for a true 100% organic taste.

The mix are then composted to be reused as high-quality fertilizer for the next batch of micro-green.

MicroVege control everything from the nutrients to the harvest bringing you the best of Montreal food with the optimum eco-friendly techniques.